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Moon Phases Calendar for Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The 8 Phases of the Moon are clearly displayed on the relevant day of the Full Moon.

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    Amanda Yates Garcia. The Demon king, Hiranyakashyap, wanted everyone to worship him, but his son, Prahlad, refused to do so as he was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. The Demon king was angry and asked his sister Holika, to take Prahlad in her arms and enter a blazing fire. She had been granted with a boon which had made her immune to fire and so only Prahlad would get burnt to death.

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    But when Holika did that, the Lord protected Prahlad and she got burnt to death as the boon was applicable only when she entered the fire alone. Since that time, people light a bonfire called Holika, on the eve of the Holi festival to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Women pray on this day for children, peace, prosperity and a happy home. For Holika dahan, people collect thorny bushes or pieces of dry wood and on the eve of Holi, after taking out an auspicious time, the bonfire is lit.

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    Holi is celebrated at a time of the year, when the fields are in full bloom and people pray for a good harvest. Rangwali Holi - 2 nd March.

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    Rangwali Holi - 21 st March. Rangwali Holi - 10 th March. Rangwali Holi - 29 th March. Rangwali Holi - 18 th March. Rangwali Holi - 8 th March.

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    Rangwali Holi - 25 th March. Rangwali Holi - 14 th March. Rangwali Holi - 4 th March. On 5th December' Mercury the lord of business, communication, intelligence and travel will enter in Scorpio sign and it will stay there till 25th December'