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Moon Phases Calendar for Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The 8 Phases of the Moon are clearly displayed on the relevant day of the Full Moon.

Your natural eye for detail is especially sharp. Your dreams might be especially intense now, and some could even be prophetic.

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You might also come up with some previously unknown ideas for advancing yourself professionally. Social events involving both old and new friends could prove especially satisfying at this time, Cancer. You might also be introduced to new people who prove valuable business contacts in the future. Expect good news, stimulating conversation, and a lot of reminiscing about the past with warm and congenial companions. Today you might decide to get some annoying but necessary chores done, Leo. You have the energy and stamina to finish them and probably will, although you may go crazy from boredom in the meantime.

Your already sharp business acumen is likely to be enhanced by whatever you discover. Be prepared for a lot of hard work and continued success over the next few months. Libra, some volatile emotional matters that may have reared their heads over the past few days could finally be settled to the satisfaction of all involved. The subject of money may come up.

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  6. Happiness reigns in the home, as all the members of your household are basically pleased with the way their lives are going. The appearance of some well-loved visitors may add to the contentment. Today you might feel the need to get as much done as possible. Tasks and chores you may have put off finally get done today.

    Daily Horoscope for Friday, February 2 |

    You will want to save some energy for tomorrow. You might need to do some of the less exciting chores involved with creative or artistic projects today, Capricorn. Your efficiency is at a peak. A practical, no-nonsense manner marks all your interactions.

    Daily Horoscope (February 2, 12222)

    You may have let household tasks and chores go for a few days, Aquarius, so today you might decide to get them all done at once. You have the energy and the stamina to do it. However, take care not to get too caught up in little details that only you tend to notice. This can keep you from getting the most important chores done. You might be hesitant to blaze a new trail.

    You might be more concerned about letting go of what you have. You can weigh the pros and cons. Consider a mini-risk. If you're single, you have an opportunity to date someone completely different from those you have dated in the past. If you're attracted, go ahead. The relationship could be exciting because of your differences. If you're attached, the two of you are likely to veer off your life plan a little to see how you feel when responding to an inner yearning.

    Only you will know how you feel.

    Your day in advance - Read your horoscope today - February 2, 12222

    You might be pushed into the limelight and encouraged to take charge of an event or happening. You could feel burdened on some level, yet you will honour the role of leader again. You can go along with this role only to a certain extent. If you're pushed too hard, your temper will emerge. It's your weekend too! Tonight: Lighten up the moment. Reach out to others and make a point of understanding their limitations.

    What would be wise is not to ask others to do something they don't feel they can do. Pressure builds to make an adjustment. Don't lose your energy over a no-win situation. Tonight: Look beyond the obvious. One-on-one relating draws someone in. You might have an uncomfortable conversation, but once more, it is how you do your conversation.

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    Be careful, as you could lose your temper out of the blue. Try to pull back before you get to this point. Tonight: Revise your plans. Defer to those who can make a difference rather than having this group make demands and then set them in stone. Anger comes forth if you try to change others' minds or take action to bypass the situation.

    Tonight: You might need to hang back. Pace yourself, understanding that you need to handle a problem that affects your personal life. Getting to the bottom of it takes time and volition. In a sense, you need to coax another person to share where he or she is coming from. Diplomacy works well. Tonight: Don't push yourself. Your creativity emerges when dealing with a loved one or child who seems stuck in a thought process.

    An argument with a loved one or an expenditure might loosen up the conversation.

    Remember your objectives, and allow more sunshine into your life. Tonight: Let go. Don't dwell on a problem and make it an obsession.

    Your Weekly Horoscope For January 27 - February 2, 2019 - All 12 Zodiac Signs

    Your emphasis will be on basics: security, home and your domestic life. Sometimes you become too serious about certain concerns. Relax and allow humour and creativity to come to the rescue. A feisty individual might need to let off steam. Let it happen without taking his or her conversation personally. Tonight: Let bygones be bygones.