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I remember this because it was about a month before Rajiv Gandhi's tragic death. It was the last day for the distribution of tickets for the Lok Sabha elections. Ashwin Mehta: It was so embarrassing to be carrying a big suitcase with a crowd watching. We went in but could not meet Rajiv Gandhi. Vincent George Rajiv's assistant suggested we take the bag to Sitaram Kesari the party treasurer. We took the bag back and it was given as donation to the party. Later in the day we went back to 10 Janpath but could meet Rajiv Gandhi only after 1.

Keepers of the Kalachakra by Ashwin Sanghi

The four of us met him while standing at one corner in the longish room next to George's. Rajiv Gandhi apologised for having kept us waiting for so long. The meeting lasted barely two or three minutes. Satpal Mittalji introduced us as brokers from Bombay who had wanted to contribute a little to the party. The talk was mostly general. How much money did you have in the bag?

26 years after securities scam, court acquits brother of Harshad Mehta

I think I have said enough. We do not want to gain enemies for the rest of our lives. What exactly was your immediate intention in giving money to politicians? Ashwin Mehta: There was never any immediate gain that we were looking for. It was sort of a political insurance.

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He may deny, but I can prove that what he is saying is incorrect. The Mittals have stated that their father was in Ludhiana during that time.

Satpal Mittal had come to Delhi from Ludhiana by the night train only for this meeting. Manmohan Sharma has also come out with a denial. When was the last time you met or talked to him? You could ask him what he was talking about when we had a lunch meeting on May 13 this year in Bombay at Copper Chimney. Are you sure you met the PM at I am fairly certain.

Expect Maruti Suzuki To Also Post Strong Sales Growth In October: Ashwin Patil

At most there may have been a variance of about 15 minutes to half an hour. I am saying this could be an outside chance though. How did Satpal Mittal explain the shortfall of Rs 33 lakh? Mittalji said that an astrologer had told the brokers that 67 was an auspicious number and that is why they had brought in only Rs 67 lakh. But to our embarrassment, he insisted that the prime minister should bless the bag, by touching it.

Ashwin Mehta - What is Manglik ?

Narasimha Rao was hesitant and I think he did not do so. He, however, mentioned that he was against any system of quid pro quo. There are indicators and even some police records which show that the prime minister was in South Block.