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Moon Phases Calendar for Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The 8 Phases of the Moon are clearly displayed on the relevant day of the Full Moon.

A person earns a lot of money if Jupiter is in sixth house, Venus is in eighth house, Saturn is in twelfth house and Moon is in eleventh house.

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Mercury in Aries or Cancer sign makes a person rich. If Jupiter is in the ninth or eleventh and Sun is in the fifth house, a person becomes rich. A person becomes very rich if Mars or Saturn is in the seventh house, or if Saturn or Mars or Rahu is in the eleventh house.

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Blue Sapphire Neelam. Hessonite Gomed. Cats Eye Lahsuniya.

Nav Graha Nine Planets. Surya Sun. Chandra Moon. Mangal Mars. Budh Mercury.

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Brihaspati Jupiter. Shukra Venus. Mars is Lord of 1st house and Moon is Lord of 9th house. So, in this simple looking chart, there are at least different types of Dhan Yoga. It means money will come into his life one way or the other. And why only in his life? Money comes in life of all of us one way or the other. We just need to put our best efforts on the path of our destiny.

Money and Success is just the result of our right efforts. Just wanted to convey this message. All of us think Money is necessary for living life, well it is, Agreed. But what I sometimes feel and we all have to agree on this that breathing is more necessary for life. We can easily survive for one day without money but we can't survive for one minute without breathing air, and guess what?

It is free of cost. So, what did God want to convey to us when he gave us oxygen free of cost? Whatever is necessary for your life, I will provide you. You only have to figure out your bigger role in this world and work towards it to make this world a better place with your contribution".

Vishal S Saxena — Astrologer. Mob - Close Subscribe. Leave a comment. Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer Why its not included in dhan yoga. RB - There are many Dhan Yogas in every chart. Rahul Bharadvaj Vamsikrishna Vishal S Saxena Sanjeev chourasia My date of birth and time of birth