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Moon Phases Calendar for Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The 8 Phases of the Moon are clearly displayed on the relevant day of the Full Moon.

You may also find yourself naturally needing to buy a ticket It's an all-too-familiar pain. Heck, even Linkin Park knows about it. In the This week's question: What are moles, and why do we have them? Call them blemishes, beauty marks, or weird things on your skin. And while they Jose R. Velasco was a pioneer in rice and coconut research in the Philippines. Velasco's research on rice photoperiodism and weeds paved the way for better planting strategies and weed control.


This week's question: Why does orange juice taste weird after brushing? Before heading out, you decide to grab Are you the type who believes that their zodiac sign will help them get a date? Astronomers would like to have a word with you.

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Feeling lonely this Valentine's Day? Attract the right romantic energy with a physics lesson from an unlikely love guru: Isaac Newton.


Around you, couples This week's question: Why don't we run out of blood after donating it? Ever donated blood or given a sample for testing? Measles outbreak linked to over 70 deaths in the Philippines This year alone, more than 70 people in the Philippines have died due to measles, following an announcement from the Department of Health DOH regarding an outbreak across various regions. The DOH also Wastewater treatment is This week's question: Does grape ice cream exist? Manila Bay rehabilitation begins; lawmakers wary of displacement of informal settlers From ABS-CBN News: Photos of a more pleasant, less toxic-looking Manila Bay coastline along Roxas Boulevard have been circulating online, as netizens applauded the result of a massive weekend cleanup If you live in Metro Manila, there's a good chance you're familiar with the Science Works!

Perhaps you actively decided to visit the exhibit closest to you. Maybe you experienced it because it was an obligatory science stopover during your last field trip. Nevertheless, you probably remember all the First Filipino-made to hit the rails on March 1 After years of testing and teasing, it's full speed ahead for the first-ever Filipino-made train.

Designed with a passenger capacity, the Hybrid Electric Train is set to run from Alabang to Tutuban and back What if you had to leave behind everything you've known and held on to, in the pursuit of knowledge and a greater understanding of the universe? Even worse, what if you were a woman in a time when men dominated your chosen field and hardly ever gave you and other It's a unique celestial Hilario D. Lara was a trailblazer in the public health movement in the Philippines. Lara devoted years of research to preventing the spread of cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, measles, and diphtheria in the country.

It effectively boosts existing policies November 11, 3 mins read. November 3, 3 mins read. October 28, 2 mins read. October 21, 3 mins read. October 13, 3 mins read. October 7, 4 mins read. September 29, 3 mins read. September 22, 4 mins read. September 18, 3 mins read. September 16, 3 mins read. September 9, 3 mins read. September 2, 3 mins read. August 25, 3 mins read. August 22, 3 mins read.

August 19, 3 mins read. August 18, 3 mins read. August 12, 3 mins read. Did Japan really greenlight human-animal hybrid embryo research? August 7, 2 mins read. August 4, 3 mins read. July 29, 3 mins read. July 27, 4 mins read. July 22, 3 mins read. Topacio Jr. July 16, 4 mins read.

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July 14, 3 mins read. July 12, 3 mins read. July 11, 2 mins read. July 6, 2 mins read. July 2, 2 mins read. June 30, 4 mins read. June 27, 4 mins read. This cave in the Philippines has over 2 million bats. It needs to get bigger. June 24, 5 mins read. June 23, 3 mins read.

June 21, 3 mins read. June 17, 3 mins read. June 16, 3 mins read. June 11, 4 mins read.

The moon is in Sagittarius today.

June 9, 3 mins read. June 2, 3 mins read. May 27, 3 mins read. May 26, 4 mins read. Science policies to expect from the newly proclaimed Philippine senators The winners of the Philippine senatorial elections have been officially proclaimed. May 24, 4 mins read. May 19, 3 mins read. May 14, 2 mins read. May 12, 3 mins read. May 5, 3 mins read. April 30, 15 mins read. April 28, 4 mins read. AskFlipScience: What causes sudden headaches? April 27, 3 mins read. Elec-Sci-On Science advocacies of Otso Diretso This 3-part series highlights the science backgrounds and advocacies of the senatorial candidates in the upcoming Philippine elections.

April 26, 7 mins read. Elec-Sci-On Science advocacies of Hugpong ng Pagbabago This 3-part series highlights the science backgrounds and advocacies of the senatorial candidates in the upcoming Philippine elections. April 25, 11 mins read. April 21, 4 mins read.

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April 20, 2 mins read. April 15, 3 mins read. April 14, 4 mins read. AskFlipScience: Why does heartbreak hurt? April 13, 2 mins read. April 6, 3 mins read. April 4, 2 mins read. March 30, 3 mins read. Fact check: Can you really turn peanut butter into diamonds?

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March 28, 3 mins read. March 27, 3 mins read. AskFlipScience: Are plastic dinosaurs technically made of real dinosaurs? March 24, 2 mins read. March 23, 3 mins read.