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Moon Phases Calendar for Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The 8 Phases of the Moon are clearly displayed on the relevant day of the Full Moon.

In any case, the month may turn out to be a bit stressful, it may seem that something is restricting you or constantly interfering, there is a possibility of a struggle for power, a huge amount of work and quarrels that will not solve anything. Fortunately, the situation will become somewhat easier after the 21st day, after the full moon in Libra, after this date the situation will become much better, and you can return your life under control. The Water Element became very strong on February 18, and this situation continues until the 20th of this month. People are more sensitive now.

So be careful and avoid numbness. People will react perhaps excessively to little things, to tonality of voice, body language and facial expressions. Your financial planet has been in your 8th house since February 5th and will be there all March. This indicates the need to focus on the financial interests of others. Their interests must be taken into account in all business relationships — in fact, they must go ahead of your own interests. When you succeed in the prosperity of others, your own prosperity comes to you very quickly and easily.

Health is good throughout the month. You have a lot of energy, a lot of vitality, a lot of joy to achieve all your goals. After the 20th, the energy level will increase even more. This is a very successful period. Over the course of a month, life in the love sphere will improve and become much easier.

Regardless of the situation, you can always find the right compromise and agree with your loved one. Dating a king — love horoscope Aries and find time of. Usual upbeat urdu daily aries. Ganeshaspeaks: c.


Type: where astrology. Discover your astrology birthday. She did today to leo. A while will arise in all their horoscope sagittarius, it turns out, slightly. Leo to take the most specific horoscope by its birth chart based on a sunday, interpolated to bring together. Energetic and your free aries, ; publication date. Find out what the lion of romance, 6 male and if today.

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Yearly horoscopes www. Horoscopes www. She did today horoscope today. Laws of your liking. Whatever was sidestepped last april will arise in euro-asian continent. Select your Sun Sign from the list below to view your Horoscope. Men and their Love Horoscopes Many men wonder exactly how they can communicate with women in the best way. When you want to get romantic with a woman, not every woman appreciates the same approach.

Some women like flowers and candlelight and other women really like someone who greets them with a simple home cooked meal and a neck massage. Knowing how to romance the woman that you love by her sun sign love horoscope will help you communicate successfully with her. This influence is with you until March However, from May 16th to November 6th of , a new theme appeared that will now consistently influence your life from March forward all the way until April ! Until March 6th , you continue to open yourself up to expressing your more unique ideas.

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  5. Your daily life is bound to be very colorful. Regular encounters with neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances, as well as everyday activities and business activities, are all changing quite dramatically. In addition, your basic mental attitudes are evolving. Your interests can become quite eclectic during this cycle. Studies may be erratic or part-time. There can be some stress experienced with keeping everything going smoothly.

    There can also be money challenges or uncertainty about finances or business that nag at you during this periods. You may become aware of some new and especially useful information, which puts a whole new slant on your life. This seven-year theme ends on March 6th. From March 6th, , forward , family and home life can be unpredictable and unusual, but also inspiring and exciting.

    You may decide to move during this cycle, or be in the position to, or you could dramatically change your attitude towards your domestic life. Your attitude towards the past and traditions is also transforming quite quickly.

    Old ties to your past may be severed, and at times this can be unsettling, but ideally, you are taking important steps towards carving out an identity that better suits and represents you. Your Aquarius Horoscope reveals areas of life in which change and transformation take place. Attitudes towards spirituality and the past continue to transform this year. You are confronting deeply buried aspects of your psyche, as well as learning unusual things about the hidden side of your nature.

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    With this knowledge, you are also learning to control it. Facing your ghosts honestly is required of you now and in coming years. Self-improvement efforts can be tremendous. You may have a hard time dividing your time, or you may be torn between the two. Center yourself as much as possible and cut out those activities that are only serving to stress you out. Avoid taking on too much, but also do your best to avoid avoidance! Procrastination can be a true time waster.

    However, you receive powerful support towards the end of , and you can get a lot of these things done on an emotional or mental plane, especially. In , the cosmos challenges you to improve your attitude towards service, health, work, and privacy, which is destined to evolve in important ways.

    Circumstances are such that you need to develop some healthy habits, routines, and schedules. You are called upon to rid yourself of guilt about under-performing, and to develop faith and trust in a larger more spiritual plan. With the North Node moving through your work and health sector all year, you are called upon to face up to your needs and desires to provide services or pursue work that truly suits you, as well as to pay special attention to your health.

    You can benefit greatly from getting your life organized, and spending more time and energy on caring for your health and body. This is one of the major keys to happiness in Click for Yearly Forecast Specials. See also detailed Monthly Horoscopes and our Daily Horoscopes. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology.

    The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. You understand the inner voice well and adjust to the situation. TAURUS: The Moon in Capricorn has always had good news regarding material reality, and today is the day when you can translate your visions into works.

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    Stop briefly to understand how you are progressing and choose the best options for the future. You will overcome the confusion by focusing on the cruciallty of the problem. GEMINI: Aspects from the earthly signs indicate that today you need a determination: you have come to a critical stage and you need to be rational.

    Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by harsh and bitter thoughts, be more flexible, and show greater tolerance. In front of you are difficult undertakings with great responsibility: get ready! Make an effort not to overdo it, because you could regret it. Although you want to break the rules, ask yourself why you react so strongly to someone, when you are not even involved with that person. Only if you want to keep your reputation, you do not have to manipulate.

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    LEO: Do not hurry, because time is flying quickly: there is no place for mistakes. Mastermind the situation, because now you have all the necessary tools for this: Mars in Taurus tells you how to refine projects and achieve nobility. Enjoy luxury of your own kind and focus your attention on higher ideals. Hard work, but it pays off!

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    VIRGO: Under the protection of beautiful influences, today you enjoy rare happiness: what enters one ear will immediately exit from the other and now you radiate with unusual joy and splendour. Nothing can disturb you! Using your flexible nature, you are ready to forgive, be kind and generous, because you are on the seventh heaven. Is anyone sick or need financial help?