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The opposition is at the core of the result.

The Yod is a "hugging" structure - the energy comes from the apex - a laser beam through the apex - and "hugs" the whole structure, especially the release point. If a person is there, at the release point, it's the primary beneficiary, returning the energy through the mirror of the opposition and the harmonious dance of the sextile, to the "hugger", in a perpetual dance just like oppositions are, like a tango The preparation is made through the sextile, the only part of the Yod which is in the hands of the protagonist s ; the trigger apex - the transit is not in our hands; in a synastry, however, the apex person plays the role of "God", the trigger the one with the bow, the one releasing the arrow.

Unlike other astrologers, I don't believe the apex has to be a "more" personal planet, the sextile is the personal part of the Yod, by sign and house and rulers - of course, a generational sextile such as Neptune sextile Pluto has its own personal value based on the chart; the trigger can be any planet.

The Yod is always a turning point, a major change, usually consisting of a series of events.

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The result all points lit by the laser beam , the illuminated crystal, has a permanent value, there is no return to the previous status, an "evolutionary step" as it has been described by Marchisone The Yod needs planetary energy to be triggered. A Yod involving nodes or angles is dormant, well all Yods are, until planets hit the Yod.

The "primary" result will be connected to relationships DSC , the "secondary" result will be on ASC, as a mirroring effect of the opposition. The whole axis will be lit. The Quincunx is the "adjustment" aspect.

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It produces a sense of tension between the two planetary placements which, based on elements fire, earth, air and water , modes cardinal, fixed and mutable and receptivity masculine or feminine would appear to have nothing in common. The Quincunx is similar to the Opposition aspect, except that the two planets in the Opposition do share the same receptivity, which is not the case with the Quincunx. The two energies have no common ground, making decisions or choices more difficult when a transit taps on either end of the Quincunx placements.

However, on occasion, there is some common ground based on rulership when the quincunx is formed between Aries and Scorpio ruled by Mars or Taurus and Libra ruled by Venus. Because the quincunx is a minor aspect, the orb must be tighter than the Ptolemy aspects. The Yod typically is identified with timing and crisis or the need to act. The need will develop through the apex while the opportunity to the action will develop through the sextiled planets.

The nature of the Yod is to produce disrupting thought patterns since there is little energy within the chart configuration to unify these planets. I feel you, i do. I think that's what i meant back there about difficulty finding resolution That is how I see it.

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I feel more than ever that our belief we could control anything especially other people or relationships is an illusion which is very detrimental to our personal development and stems from the fear of moving into maybe previously unchartered territory and since we dont know what to expect we cling to things that clearly belong in the past mostly old outdated mindsets.

It is really cool that you're having these experiences and expressing this insight with Pluto opposite Saturn. And then share that with us! I have retro Jupiter in my 8th and it's ruler of my second house! I always find it interesting when Jupiter is doing one thing in my chart which parallels what someone else's Saturn is doing I'm pretty convinced they're a good pair overall. As for synchronicities between our Saturn and Jupiters, D.

I dunno. It's just a little coincidence but they do tend to build up. Questions of self worth and merging are the order of the day. His Jupiter squares my nodes pretty tight and my Saturn is conjunct his south node. Saturn is my moon's ruler and dispositor so there's another check in the book for why I attract and enjoy such very very challenging Saturnian characters!

And yet the vertex-Jupiter very much keeps the door wide open to Jupiter for which i an grateful. My poor little Saturn is such a clinging to control because of fear of the unknown fellow, but he is the handle of my bucket configuration, so he is also the door everyone has to go through to connect to the rest of my chart. My little insecure fearful Cerberus. I am sure the Pluto-Saturn-aspect will manifest in more difficult ways well I have about 5 exact hits for the next one and a half years and teach me many things, and possibly not in the smooth way.

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But maybe I have been a little prepared, by Tr Uranus squaring my Saturn on and off for the last 2 years. He already has been put through the wringer and that Pluto is now just an intensification and trigger with different means. Well if I review the last month, especially the last 2 weeks, when it was applying under one degree orb, well what I can say is that it was so stressful time, especially having to deal with pupils who tried to escape any kind of authority, still am in the process, though one case has been successfully resolved the pupil needed more -paternal- guidance and now he has it again, hopefully that will help with reducing the drug-consummation as well.

The other case that is still hanging, is really weighing me down at the moment, because I cannot estimate the possible reactions of the pupil to our educational measures.

Quincunx Aspect and Yod Configuration in the Horoscope - Astrology Tutorial

But we have to do what we do, and we do it in the pupil-friendliest way possible. Apart from that I have been in constant talk and only hassle with my old health insurance which is simply a pain int he butt, not wanting to accept me changing insurances and so on and it took really me putting down my foot and showing up there plus enlisting the help and assistance of the insurance agent of my new insurance to make them let me out of my contract. Well once I did that, it was very easy surprisingly.

But I so hate dealing with the bureaucracy crap. And today when the aspect wsa nearing exactness there was our theatre workshop in which I had to organize the surrounding things, like rooms and lunch and so on and it went remarkable well, and I was being thanked for being so organized, and again, help was given to me easily once i asked.

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But more importantly well it just seems that doing theatrical improvisations could not be any further from Pluto-Saturn-symbolism, as it involves actually a letting go of the surface-personality, but even though I have done these workshop before some years ago, it was different this time, because I guess I learned to not simply endure being put into the spotlight but enjoy it to a certain degree and working well within a team, without trying to hide behind others.

That was an interesting Pluto-Saturn-experience. Hpefully it will stay being so constructive. Of course I also met P last week on and more importantly before the concert mostly because first he was stalking us through a window of a cafe and then later coming out to have a chat with us while we were standing in line , and the experience of the concert and surrounding was sort of very different to what I remember it to have been about 3 years ago at the same location.

Something so much more real about it, it was weird actually. Good weird, but a new experience.