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Moon Phases Calendar for Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The 8 Phases of the Moon are clearly displayed on the relevant day of the Full Moon.

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What did you want to be when you were growing up? Tali: We wanted to be artists. We both went to art school; we have fine arts degrees. But then we also wanted to be writers, so we kind of get to do both now. Where did you go to school? Ophira: We always wanted to go to the University of Michigan, we grew up in Detroit, so we thought it was the best school and were fixated on going there. How did that come about? T: He had come to visit at our school and he got me obsessed with New York. I thought I have to get to New York and I want to see him.

It never occurred to me to just save some money and buy a plane ticket. I got to replace the art director there and I got this 3-week whirlwind trip to New York. I forgot all about the guy, who turned out to be a loser anyways. O: It also brought together all of these year old girls. We just got really into giving women a different message than the one they were getting in the media—making it fun and making it stylish, and really bringing people together. But astrology is really the best way we found. It was at The University of Michigan and the university back then was a bit more segregated so everyone hung only with their culture and we really wanted to bring everyone together and show the beauty of all women and give everyone a chance to have their stories in the media.

But the thing that was the best ice breaker was always astrology. O: It erased cultural barriers. We tell people the story of who they are. And then we look at timing based on where the stars are now. Should you leave your job?

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Should you leave your husband? Should you stay?

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What did your parents do? Did it have any influence on your aspirations growing up?

T: I would say in a bizzaro way. O: Yeah, dad is from Israel—he came here right before we were born. He had his own landscaping business. Then our mother is a rabbi. She was a school counselor but her dream was to be a rabbi.

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Our tag line is we bring the stars down to earth, so we have the spiritual from our mom and the dirt from our dad. T: Yeah we worked with our dad when we were teens. It was an unconventional thing to do. It also gave us humility and a respect for being of service to people. We really try to bring that into our horoscopes—how can we be of service to people. When did astrology first touch your lives? T: We always read our horoscopes. It had this 30 page booklet and we knew we were Sagitarians but we also have Mercury, Mars, Moon and Venus in Scorpio, so when we were reading those descriptions we were like oh that sounds so much more like us.

So we wanted to do it for our friends. I try to explain it to guys and they tune out. If you want to see women be a bunch of math geeks, teach them astrology. It just has to be applicable to human behavior. Did you always want to work together, being twins? We had our own language in the crib, we even remember a few words. There are differences; I mean Ophi is more the practical one.

At what age did you start making astrology into more of a career for yourselves? O: In our mid twenties. T: Yeah we wanted to learn web design in our mid twenties—it was the 90s—and we loved media. We saw the web coming and we were geeks and wanted in on it, also to learn web design and maybe turn that into a career path.